UTV RTV Golf Cart Farm Truck In Cab On Seat Gun Holder II Holds 2 AR Style Rifle

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ICOS 2 AR or In Cab On Seat AR Style Rifle Holder.
Works with All Rifles and Fits most UTVs and Bench Seats(requires seat belt for securing ICOS 2 AR)

The ICOS 2 AR is an innovative gun holder solution that allows an owner to carry up to 4 guns in their UTV securely and away from the elements while providing quick access to them all.
It holds 2 hunting/long firearms just like the original ICOS, however this unit is better equipped to hold ARs with magazines as well as 2 handguns and 2 extra magazines (Pistol & Magazine Holsters Add-On Kit sold separately).

Best of all, there is no need to drill any holes into your vehicle or go through complicated installs.
Just click the ICOS 2 AR into place using the vehicle’s existing seat belt*‡ and you’re ready to go.
Part of a line of innovative UTV specific hunting accessories designed and manufactured by SEIZMIK—an industry leader in UTV specific gear.

* Seatbelt required to install – not included
‡ Three point seatbelts require use of included seat belt adjuster clip.

Features include:

    STEALTH DESIGN — Quiet operation. Soft chassis does not bang around. No noisy velcro to alert game.
    EXO SHELL ARMORED FOAM — Proprietary Foam Chassis is tough and durable yet absorbs shocks and vibrations while keeping your firearms steady and protected.
    FULLY PADDED GUN CRADLES —Securely surrounds and holds up to 2 guns in soft, cushioned channels that won’t mar firearm finishes.
    STEALTH RETENTION STRAPS — Silently mount and dismount guns while keeping them secured.
    HEAVY DUTY QUICK RELEASE BUCKLES — Glass Filled Nylon Buckles for tough reliability.
    MUZZLE CONTROL — Keeps guns pointed DOWN towards vehicles floor.
    AR COMPATIBLE DESIGN— Magazine and Handle Cavities designed specifically to accommodate ARs with 30 round magazines.
    MULTIPLE SHOOTING RESTS — Integrated Upper and Lower Shooting Rests provide a stable platform for target shooting or hunting.
    INTEGRATED PISTOL HOLSTER MOUNTING POINTS — Injection Molded Rubber Pistol Holster( sold separately) is designed to fit most semi-automatic pistols and revolvers
NEW from Authorized Seizmik Retailer.

Holds any combination of 2 hunting/long firearms or ARs with magazines.
Available Add-On Kit(Sold Separately):

07501 PISTOL & MAGAZINE HOLSTER ADD-ON KIT(as seen in last photo) is not included but it is available and can easily be added to your order.
(1 PAIR of holsters not included but are available and sold separately for $49.95, just contact us to add to your order)

    Position of pistol holster provides quick & easy access to pistol while keeping the barrel above seat level.
    Universal design holds most pistols and revolvers.
    Molded Rubber Housing and Retention Straps securely holds full size and compact semi-automatic pistols along with most revolvers.
    Recessed hardware does not contact weapons’ surfaces minimizing scratches to finishes.

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