Motorcycle Riding Snowmobile Fog eVader Breath Deflector Anti-Fog Face Mask

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Keep your lenses clear and make visibility a part of your winter experience
with the legendary R.U. Outside Fog eVader breath deflector face mask.

• Anti-Fog, fleece-lined neoprene face and neck mask
• Unique inner membrane and breath-deflector nose piece
• Custom-forms to your nose and face, creating a seal that directs all breath down and out the bottom, keeping your goggles (and glasses) fog-free
• Head strap keeps everything in place, even with a helmet
• Warm, comfortable and guaranteed to keep your glasses or goggles fog-free

Laugh, sing, whistle, do face plants, dig your sled out and still see where you’re going. It just doesn’t get much better.
One size.