Kubota RTV-X900 X1140 X1120D X1100C 900XT Armory X-Rack & 2 Gun Adjustable Cases

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Complete X-Armory Rack and Cases
Fits Kubota RTVs(see list below).

 Seizmik Armory X Rack

The Armory X Rack attaches to both sides of the dump bed, creating a rigid and strong base that keeps your guns stable, no matter how aggressive the terrain.


    Rack holds up to 2 gun cases (included in this sale only)

    Heavy gauge steel frame holds gun cases steady under tough conditions

    Spring loaded binding for quick and secure case load and release

    Thick steel mounting plate installs quickly and easily

    Designed specifically for UTVs with safety in mind—gun barrels are kept facing up and away from users
Mid Size Ranger-works with Lock & Ride®, or drill and bolt in for Mid Size Gator, Pioneer 700, beds 55”- 58” – drill & bolt in(inside bed measurements)

Seizmik Armory SST Gun Case (2)Included

The Seizmik Armory SST (Secure Storage & Transport) Gun Case is specially designed to hold Shotguns, Rifles and ARs.

The shape of the case allows for superior access to weapons and will accommodate ARs with or without optics and nearly any long gun up to 52''.


Superior weapon access, designed for quickly reaching your weapon.

Movable, closed-cell foam inserts hold the gun firmly in place without making contact with your sights or optics.

Smart hinge design allows the case lid to stay open, so you can use both hands to get your gun out.

Extra space inside case allows for storage of rounds or cleaning supplies.

Design of the case allows you to work on the gun while it’s held in place.


Firearms are not included in this sale.


Kubota RTV1140CPX 2011-18

Kubota RTV900XT 2010-18

Kubota RTV-X1100C 2014-18

Kubota RTV-X1120D 2014-18

Kubota RTV-X1140 2014-18

Kubota RTV-X900 General Purpose 2014-18

Kubota RTV-X900 Worksite 2014-18

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